Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) is an obligatory carbon and energy reporting scheme for large UK companies. It’s now become mandatory for 11,900 businesses to report their energy and carbon emissions on an annual basis, and any efficiency measures they’ve taken throughout the financial year.


Criteria for qualification:

  • Companies quoted on a stock exchange
  • Companies that aren’t quoted, but qualify as “large”
  • LLPs that qualify as “large”

Clients are regarded as “large” if they meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Turnover of £36 million or over
  • A balance sheet total of £18 million or over
  • 250 employees or more


Whilst fulfilment of SECR can be seen as an administrative burden and a compliance exercise, benefits include:
  • awareness of how and when energy is used
  • lower energy bills
  • increased transparency for stakeholders/investors
  • decreased administrative burdens
  • a starting point for your Net Zero strategy

Businesses which meet the SECR criteria must report every year, submitting the report to Companies House as part of their annual accounts. Be sure to give your organisation the time it needs to collate the required information and complete the report.

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How can we help?