Dynamic Industrial & Commercial energy supply contracts are designed to provide greater control over energy commodity prices by allowing consumers to purchase blocks of energy at wholesale prices either at the beginning and/or during the term of supply.

Flexible & Dynamic

It’s important to note that these are not variable contracts. Instead, Industrial & Commercial wholesale supply contracts put the power back in the hands of the buyer. You decide what to buy, and when – and in doing so, avoid the inflated risk-premiums associated with traditional “Fixed” retail agreements.


Establish risk-profile and procurement/tendering objectives


Draft energy purchasing strategy based on risk-profile


Scan the markets for entry triggers based on agreed plan


Buy energy at market through the supplier for the agreed periods of delivery


Provide weekly position reporting of hedged positions and identify any future opportunities to secure value

Buying at wholesale (as opposed to retail fixed contracts), can achieve significant savings and lead to contracts that reflect the reality of prevailing markets – something not available to buyers when they accede to traditional fixed supplier packages.

ICD guides our clients through the process of establishing their risk-profile, identifying opportunities to secure value and ultimately locking-in prices for periods of delivery out as far as the end of the pricing curve (5 years into the future, should this be your preference).

Prior to clients agreeing to a wholesale pricing solution, ICD provide a detailed plan comprising:

  • Details of preferred suppliers
  • Client risk tolerance
  • Buying signals
  • Entry process
  • Monitoring samples

Collaboration is the key to a successful wholesale purchasing strategy.

ICD optimise our client’s procurement performance, whilst delivering an auditable and balanced energy risk management approach that meets with the demands of standard internal governance processes.

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How can we help?

How can we help?